About Paving Blocks

Paving blocks or Interlocking concrete Pavers are also called Segmental Pavers. Segmental pavers have been used since Roman times for thousands of years. Romans used brick and clay Segmental pavers to build roads. In the mid 1940s, pavers began to be produced out of concrete. The use of interlocking pavers happened for a reason due to the unstable nature of some lands in Europe. They emerged out of the need to make the roads more flexible and to avoid cracking. Today paving blocks are used all over
the world to make roads.

Advantages of Paving Blocks

  • They are easy to handle as they are of small weight and size
  • They have high tensile strength and are durable
  • They are less costly in assembly as they require no mortar
  • They require minimal or almost no maintenance
  • They can be designed in many colors and patterns as the customers require
  • They come in many designs and are easy to custom arrange
  • They are aesthetically superior, as they come in different colors
  • They are easy to disassemble and reassemble during underground works and maintenance
  • They have non-slippery, skid resistant surfaces
  • They are weather adaptive and do not crack in extreme weather conditions
  • They are environmental friendly as water drains easily through the joints


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